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App-de-Camp is a LIVE and offline stats tracker for War of Rights.


Campfire Games wanted this app dead... so it's dead.  However, even though the most important feature is no longer available, Armies list, chat log, target range and the set in-game name tool still work.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE As of today February 1, 2020, Campfire Games (creators of War of Rights) have made it clear that they are not interested in supporting fan communities of any kind and have therefore disabled kill logging in their game rendering this app useless.  This is a blatant attack on all fans of WoR, as well as myself, by Campfire Games.  It seems right to me that you would want to help the communities improve your game instead of punish those who try.  Leave a comment (https://zerkywerky.itch.io/adc) on how you feel about Campfires decision to disable kill logging to spite this app.  If you feel like voicing your opinion about this to the Campfire guys, send them an email here contact@warofrights.com.

Hi there!

Sorry to hear you feel that we have attacked you and the community by disabling personal kill logging in the alpha. We’ve tried to be clear from the very start that the game is focusing entirely on how your team does as a whole and not the individuals.

Kill logging was not disabled to spite your app. It was done because your app highlighted to what degree the information available could be used in unintended ways. We would like to thank you as well as any other WoR player spending their time trying to make the game better.

The app does no harm and its completely voluntary, a choice.  If people want to see their score, they can with the app.  It's not like I'm one of the multitudes asking you to add it to the game.  Most people don't understand why you don't show scores.  The immersion remains.

Added individual scores have the ability to change player behavior into something we’re not looking for (more non team based).

That already exists, we call them Rambos.  How about a compromise?  You turn back on kill logging and I default displaying kills to OFF with the option to turn on and a disclaimer as to why they shouldnt in your view?  So they have a choice and you don't look like a-holes?

Indeed - it's our job to limit the amount of rambos, a strictly team oriented scoreboard at the end being one of the tools which we use to do so. We will never support an app that circumvent the intended game mechanics put in place - it is borderline cheating in a MP setting.

I later made the argument to Campfire that the kill logging has been there all along.  All you had to do is quickly tap the tilde (~) key and see if you got a kill.  Then comes AdC and they disable it.  Pretty much sounds like the definition of spite to me.  At which point they quit responding to me. LOL



There are no micro transactions.  There are no viruses.  No I am not selling the data to the Chinese or anybody else.  Like they would even care!

Step 1: Unzip the app to wherever you want it.

Step 2: Run War of Rights (©2018-2020 by Campfire Games LADs) 

Step 3: Run AdC.


This is a work in progress.  Please report any bugs here.

Don't forget to FOLLOW if you want notifications of updates!

- Live instantaneous tracking while you play!
- Tracking of who killed who.
- Tracking of your stats (kills, deaths, etc.) for your current WoR session.
- Upload your stats to a database for tracking your all time scores.
- List of all solders in the game and their kills, deaths and team kills.
- Team Chat Log to review all chat with your team.
- View instant results when using the firing range in the Drill Camp.
- Set your in-game name independent of your Steam name so you can keep your steam name unrelated to WoR.
- Tool to backup game data.
- Cycle option to cycle panes in live mode to keep track of all stats while playing.
- Music for each army that changes when you change teams.


App-de-Camp Versions and Updates

Version 1.5: (Jan 31, 2020)
- Added ability to specify game path in Tools pane.
- Adjusted pane caption sizes and positions.
- Added ability to sort Armies lists by Role, Name, Kills, Deaths or Teamkills.
- Made red easier to read against gray.
- Renamed Target Range to Firing Range.
- App window is now resizable.
- Export soldier data to a tab delimited text file tool.
- Added snapshot camera to Firing Range pane to save a png of the target.
- I got promoted to Pfc in my regiment!

Version 1.4: (Jan 29 2020)
- Color coded soldier names in console.  Green=you, blue=union, red=confederacy, yeller=admin, darkred=teamkiller.
- Change Arty to Other to capture ammo types not tracked.  Artillery, hexagonal ball, etc.
- Automatically clear Armies list when changing map or changing sides.

Version 1.3: (Jan 28 2020)
- Fixed some obscure instance of window being weird size.
- Improved accuracy of Firing Range scoring.
- Chat text replacing of "[comma]" to ",".
- Replaced soldier role with score in Firing Range soldier list.

Version 1.2: (Jan 27 2020)
- Added tool to clear Armies list under Tools pane.
- Added blup sound when you get a kill.
- Added game data backup tool in Tools pane.
- Put in fix for erroneous soldiers in the Armies pane.

Version 1.1: (Jan 26 2020)
- Added stats tracking database.  Stats are now tracked!
- Enabled Firing Range button to always be shown.
- Added score markers to target in Firing Range pane.
- Added total kills/deaths/teamkills to Armies pane.
- Fixed error with In-game Name tool not adding command on first click.
- Added pane cycling.
- Added Chat Log.
- Highlighting admin/host player in yellow on Armies list.

Version 1.0: (Jan 25 2020)
- Initial Release

Install instructions

Unzip where you want it, run the AdC.exe


App-de-Camp 1.5 for PC 23 MB

Development log


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Hey, I just deplace the game folder to C: and now console is starting in green but she only say "ready", and after nothing happen, no stats, nothing 

(1 edit)

Just today a patch was silently released removing kills from the console output.

Lame ass dev.

Ok I"m done. They  says it to prevent from personal perf and play renegade but no, Its boring to shoot in a line on a little point in front of us without knowing anything, so sometimes I prefer play renegade and shoot ennemy more closer to see the result of my shooting 

(1 edit)

Not working for me either. Steam is on C:, the game is on F:

edit: it works if I move the folder to C:

(1 edit)

Okay I'll come up with a work around for this condition.  Thanks for the heads up.

Edit: Please do me a favor and open up the appmanifest_424030.acf file located in Steam/steamapps and tell me what it says under installdir.

Says only "War of Rights"

Hmmm.  Okay.  Thanks!


Does not seem to be working for me, when i launch it, the console only shows the yellow letters but nothing else

(1 edit)

The next thing it's gonna do after the yellow text is find your WoR steam directory.  So the issue would be there somewhere.  Do you have two installations of steam or something?

(1 edit)

yes, i got a SSD as a extra station where i have it installed, i switched it back to C: station and the app works, maybe something to consider for a update as many people have their games on another drive.

(1 edit)

Very good to know thanks!  I have my steam on another drive as well but the registry points to that so its all fine.

Is your game and steam installation in the same drive?