Created for the Mini Jam #78.  The theme was Bugs and the limitation was You are the bad guy.

You are an elite ant assassin.  Find and infiltrate your enemy's ant farm, locate the enemy queen ant and assassinate her to win!

W - Forward

S - Backwards

AD - Strafe Left/Right

Mouse - Turn

MB1 - Fire Laser

MB2 - Fire Flamethrower

MB1+MB2 - Fire Power Beam

E - Eat Larvae to Heal

TAB - In-Game Map

Programming and design: Eric P Smith

Music and sound: Ryan Udairam

Known Issues:

- Ant movement not pristine yet.


Download 87 MB

Install instructions

Download, Unzip where desired and play!


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When you go under the door you fall into an infinite hole and cant get out

Ah yea that makes sense.  Its the edge of the world and no collider there.  Thanks for the info.