Created for the Ludum Dare #48 Jam.  The theme was Deeper and Deeper.

The world has stopped spinning.  Drill to the earths core and place a nuke to get it spinning again.

WSAD is all you need.

Each trailer provides 100 units of power.  Avoid hazards like lava and gas pockets that will damage and destroy your trailers.

As you drill you will use up power.  Collect unobtainium ore to replenish power.  Running out of power will strand you and it's game over and the world dies.  Already drilled areas will not use power.

When you reach the core, the nuke will be placed with a 5 minute timer.  Return to the surface and dock on the tower to win!  If you don't make it before the nuke explodes, you will die.  But the world will be saved.

The game is based loosely on the movie The Core starring Hillary Swank.

Build #2 fixes:  Brighter FOW, dimmer dirt tiles to indicate hazards, skip dialog.

Build #3 fixes: Added help screen, ability to replay.


Download 27 MB

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